Return of the Comeback (Run Auckland Race 1)

1:05:36. Wow.  

For someone out of action for more than three years (and 15-20lbs. heavier), the Run Auckland series 1 Waiatarua Wetland Reserve 10K wasn’t such a bad effort. I was expecting a 1:10 (or worse, a DNF).

Oh, have you seen It’s the coolest running on-line tool. Thanks to a chip, you can find out how you stack up against the competition.

Waiatarua Reserve 10K

Waiatarua Reserve 10K

I must insist that race results, no matter what he says, it is not based on shoe performance (A Kinsei would NOT make any difference!). The course has two 5K laps, and the arrow point to where we were when the winner crossed the line. If you are wondering how slow we were, we were at our second lap (lets give him a little credit for trying).
How he stacked up

How he stacked up

He would like you to ignore all the graphics except the first one. Look at how many passed him…

Finish line

Finish line

   … and all the yellow dots. New Zealanders in general have amazing fitness. Don’t be surprised if someone twice your girth, man or woman, passes you just like that.

split time

split time

And yes, our race pic above courtesy of runpix. The shoe is better looking than the man, which is why his mug was covered by the “average mile” sign.

Te Atatu local traffic light

Te Atatu local traffic light

Although I strained my right calf and may be resting a couple of days, it was a fantastic race overall. Looking forward to improving our time at the Te Atatu leg.

If the traffic light is an indication of the course, we better do some major hill workouts soon.


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